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Hit More Fairways.
Hit More Greens.

In 24 days. Guaranteed.

Super-Simple. Ultra-Accurate.
An Evolutionary Golf Swing System.

SwingForm Graduates Average Accuracy Improvement : 2022-2024

Shot accuracy data is recorded by players and submitted on signed scorecards.

Before SwingForm :
 16/48 shots on target or 35%

Graduation Range Session(Day 23/24) :
 35/48 shots on target or 74%

Average Gain:
19/48 MORE shots on target or 208%.
In 24 days.

SwingForm is proven to double average accuracy in 24 days.

How would hitting 19 more targets in your round change your game?

Club Accuracy & Strokes Gained

The data below shows the average accuracy for Driver using FIR targets and
Wedges, Short Irons and Mid-Irons all aimed at GIR targets.
FIR Targets = Targets Selected as 'Fairways' using range distance markers as the fairway edges.
GIR Targets = existing green targets on the range.

Driver accuracy 
/14 Fairway Targets
Before SwingForm :
 24%- 3.36/14
Graduation Range Session:
69%- 9.66/14
SG = +6.30

Wedge Accuracy (PW/SW/GW/LW)
/18 Green Targets
Before SwingForm :
41% - 7.38/18
Graduation Range Session: 
72% - 12.96/18
SG = +5.58
Short Irons
/18 Green targets
Before SwingForm:
41% -7.38/18
Graduation Range Session:
67% -12.06/18
SG = +4.68
Mid Irons
/18 green targets
Before SwingForm:
39% - 7.02/18
Graduation Range Session: 
69% -12.42/18
SG = +5.40.

What would hitting 6 more fairways and 5 more greens in a round do for your game?

How Does SwingForm Work?

SwingForm Divides The Swing Into Two Segments.

The SwingFrame

The SwingFrame uses a simple , logical and easy 5 move setup sequence to achieve the perfect golf swing setup consistently , on every swing.

This includes: posture, head and neck position , grip & grip pressure, club position , and stance height / knee flex.

All in 5 moves.

The PowerGuide Swing

The PowerGuide swing makes use of the strongest force in the universe (Gravity) to generate effortless swing speed - so you don't need to be strong, flexible or 22 to increase your distance.

This swing method uses proven physics and biomechanics principles to create a fluid, smooth, powerful , graceful , balanced consistent swing for superior accuracy, distance , shape and flight with ball striking quality you NEVER thought you were capable of.

SwingForm is a Three-Phase Training System

Phase 1 : 8 days

3 x home training sessions 
and range session 1.

1 x home session every second day, with a one day break between each home session.

The 1st range session would be either day 7 or day 8.

Phase 1 - Results

You will see and feel a good improvement in swing execution as well as ball striking quality, accuracy and often distance.

You have already experienced more flush shots consistently by range session 1 than before SwingForm.

Phase 2 : 8 Days

3 x  home training sessions 
and range session 2.

1 x home session every second day, with a one day break between each home session.

The range grading session is done after the 3 home sessions are completed.

Phase 2 - Results

You will fine tune your powerguide swing and achieve better timing on the backswing and downswing.

You will see a noticeable improvement on consistent ball striking purity and accuracy.

Phase 3 : 8 Days

2 X home sessions, range session 3 and range session 4 - the Graduation Session.

1 x home session , a one day break,  then a range session.

Your final score is totalled and submitted.
you are ready to return to the golf course.

Phase 3 - Results

Your swing is feeling amazing ! It's feels balanced and effortless, with great clubhead speed and consistency.

Your swing confidence is high now as your ball striking consistently pure and accurate.
You are ready to return to the course.

The SwingForm Training Process

Step 1 :
Watch All The Videos First

Step 2 :
Start Phase 1 and Complete The Training

Step 3:
Graduation and Final scores submitted.

SwingForm Training Numbers

Actual Training Days - one home session every second day.
Home Training Sessions of just 48 reps each using different clubs
Range Training Sessions - 48 shots wit different clubs aimed at different Fairway and Green Targets on every swing to mimic actual playing conditions
Rest / Assimilation Days to allow your body and mind to assimilate the new techniques and processes.
Golf swings without a ball - a mindest shift from 'hitting the ball' to executing high quality swings consistently
Actual Golf Shots Hit - You only hit 48 shots at every range session , so you have to make every one count - just like you do on the course.

Training Support

Full Training Itinerary
A complete training program from day 1  through day 24. 

It shows training, rest and range days for each phase and is designed to deliver optimum results.
Customised Scorecards
Track your accuracy progress and your home sessions using the custom scorecards.

You will be required to sign , date and submit them , just as you would your golf scorecard.
Master Instructor Support
The Chief Instuctor is available to all students on whatsapp etc and email and will provide feedback on the range session results.

Where there may be challenges with certain clubs , line or contact , our master instructor will provide you with super constructive tips and analysis.

SwingForm Is Evolutionary

SwingForm Was Developed From The Samurai Katana Swing Technique - Not The Traditional Golf Swing Technique

SwingForm Is Self Diagnosing - No Coach Dependency

Because the swingframe and swing are easy to understand and repeat successfully, you'll be able to diagnose a swing fault yourself and fix it there and then whether on the range or the course.

No more trashing your round before you can go to your pro and find out what the hell it is this time .

With the SwingForm ,you can do it on the course, on the very next swing.

No Risk Of Swing -Related Injuries & Greater Longevity

Swing Form uses natural movements and generates swing speed using gravity not muscle power.

This means that you are at virtually no risk of swing-related injury during your training or once you graduate.

Even players with a history of injuries have reported much better motion without fear of re-injury.

No Gym , Strengthening Or Flexiblity Training

Many golf swing systems insist on strength training - but the SwingForm doesn't.

This is because the swing components and swing itself are based on natural movements , not on physical power or flexibility.

This makes SwingForm highly energy efficient , so you won't get tired nearly as quick (if at all) when doing range sessions.

And , you might just find a good few yards in distance too.

All Training Is Online

Now, you don't need to go to your pro or range every time you want to work on your golf swing.

SwingForm is done mostly at home , so all you need is a place you can safely swing a golf club.

Trial-Proven Training Syllabus

The syllabus you are using was the winner of the SwingForm phase trials conducted in November 2022.

It delivered the best accuracy results, in the shortest training time and optimum course time of 24 - 26 days.

Pure Strike Preparation

At some point in their training, every single graduate has spoken about the experience of hitting their first pure shot.

And after that, they have these experiences more and more often.

It will happen for you  too.

SwingForm Is NOT Golf Lessons

SwingForm is a specific training method - it is not golf lessons.
This is a once-off training system that you learn over the 24 day training period.
In order to achieve this transformation , you have to commit to completing the training course as per the training itinerary.
Look at it like changing your 'Golf Swing Operating System' and in order to 'upgrade' your current inconsistent golf swing operating system, you need to go through the 8 home sessions and the 4 range sessions with proper commitment.
If you can't dedicate the time and 100% effort to your training, then you're better off not signing up for SwingForm.

Training Terms & Conditions

- You agree to complete the training.
-You agree that you will not play a round of golf before you complete your course.
-You agree to accurately score and submit your scorecards at the end of each phase.
- You agree to not give access to your training to anyone else.
-You agree that you will not show or demonstrate any of the techniques to anyone else.
- And, you agree that you are ready to experience pure consistent ball striking that will bring a
big smile your face and pure joy to your heart.

Why You Can't Play A Round Of Golf During Your SwingForm Training

You are learning a completely new swing mechanics system and that takes time to assimilate into your neuro-muscular system.
The training program has been specifically designed to make sure that by the time you finish , the SwingFrame and Power Guide swing are properly understood and integrated into your muscle memory so you can execute it every time for the rest of your life.

Because you start this course with a lot of swing thoughts , ideas and concepts about your swing as well as your current swing mechanics, it takes time to let all that go and allow a new more efficient swing mechanics process to take over.

If you a play a round of golf before you have fully completed your training and things go wrong, you will automatically default back to what you were doing before - and this will undo all the work you have done on the 'swing form' to date.

You don't yet have the full system assimilated so you can analyse and fix any swing faults in the course yourself without wasting a whole round.

Besides, considering the rounds you usually play, wouldn't it be worth sacrificing a few poor rounds , so you can come back a totally different golfer than before.

Time off from duffed / hooked /sliced tee shots or fat, thin teethed and shanked irons?

Give yourself a break.

It will be well worth it.

5  Great Reasons Why You Should Do This Training

1. It works better than anything else available and proved so and it WILL work for you.

2. You have a money back guarantee - no risk to

3. Because nothing else has worked
and you're still struggling.

4. You're at the point now where you either quit , or accept that you will never be good at golf.

5. You're tired of the endless '10 tips to do this' or 'three steps to do that' or 'use this gadget / gizmo / app' or 'buy these irons / get fitted / change something' - you just want something that works - and works fast and you don’t need to keep going back for lessons every few months.

6 More GREAT reasons to do SwingForm:

1.You are tired of endlessly spending money on lessons and then slipping backward ;

2. Tired of coming off the course week after week feeling disappointed
and frustrated at yet another poor performance ;

3. Done with getting wooden spoons at a golf days;

4. Done with coming last in your league ;

5. Done being the 3rd wheel on your golf team ;

6. Tired of not enjoying your golf to the fullest.

SwingForm Graduates Results & Feedback:

Braam Olivier (49)- 26/1/24 - 20/2/24

Overall I think that I am at my best golf game of my life although I am hitting 50 in just over a month.

I am fired up and excited about golf again, which means I will be putting in much more effort into getting that perfect swing and consistent ball strike.

Thanks a bunch for having me on this program .

 It has been an absolute blast and the best learning curve in golf since I started playing.

"I hit some of the best golf shots of my entire life. It really looked like I was the best golfer on the range today."

Feedback by email after range session 3 - average accuracy 77%
Average accuracy range session 4 - 79%.

Graduation Average Accuracy - 78%
Graduation Average Accuracy - 78%
Neville Stevenson (64) - 17/1/24 - 2/2/24

I started playing golf again in 2014 after a 20 year hiatus due to a change in circumstances back in the early 90's.

However, over time I became extremely frustrated that I could not strike the ball as consistently as I had back in the early

90's when I played off a 18 handicap and shot consistently in the 90's. Since starting to play again in 2014, I have not yet broken 100, and was seriously considering selling my clubs. I spent a lot of money on lessons, which did not make any difference.

In January 2024, I came across SwingForm, and thought I would give one last ditch effort to try and improve my game before selling my clubs.

What a difference. The training videos are very easy to understand and follow. An additional advantage is they can be watched more than once, if needed.

As I progressed through the training sessions, I could feel the difference, and with the range sessions I increasingly struck the ball sweeter, with more consistency, and more accuracy, which resulted in more confidence. The last range session was so enjoyable, I can't wait to take what I have learned to the course.

I would definitely recommend SwingForm to anyone wanting to improve their game.

Graduation Average Accuracy - 50%
Pre-training averag accuracy -33%
Juandre Kok - Trial Graduate, November 2022

"This program has changed my golf in the best way possible.

At first, I thought this is going to be difficult, big changes to come, but after watching the videos I realized that this might not be as difficult as I had initially thought.

If you are struggling with any concept of your golf, except putting that's the devil, give this program a go, I promise you, you will not regret it.

Craig, SwingForm team, well done you guys have an awesome program that will DEFINITELY help a lot of struggling golfers just as much as it helped me.

Thanks for the opportunity, and I can't wait for the next program from SwingForm I can enroll in to even better my golf."

Post -Trial Final Average Accuracy - 73,75%
Pre-trial Baseline Accuracy - 16,67%
Arnoux Le Grange - Trial Graduate, November 2022

"Swingform has completely changed my outlook on golf and on my swing.

Gone are the negative thoughts that overpower every shot and now I can focus on what really matters.

Hitting the perfect swing and letting the club do the talking.This experience changes my entire outlook and I want to showcase all these new concepts to all."

Post trial average accuracy - 78,75%
Pre-trial baseline accuracy - 40%
JP Calitz - Trial graduate , November 2022

"SwingForm has changed me as a golfer.

My mindset, my approach, my swing and just my overall outlook on golf and that it is not so difficult if you can just get the fundamentals right.

The lessons were easy to understand and easy to apply, heck you are training at your home, no need to drive for a lesson or get random advice that you are struggling to understand.

I would highly recommend this training program to anyone, no matter your age.I have never in my life hit golf balls so straight, so consistently.

Just the feeling of striking the ball flush and you know, that ball is up and away.

Best feeling in the world - Consistency!"

Post-trial average accuracy - 59,58%
Pre-trial baseline accuracy - 23,33%

Our Money Back Guarantee

SwingForm is one of the few golf swing training systems that offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our system is tested, trial and proven and if you don't see an improvement in your accuracy and ball striking quality by the 4th range session, then you are entitled to 100% refund.

Before you start your training, you opt for the money back guarantee at checkout - which is free.

By opting for the guarantee, you agree to complete the Baseline Accuracy Scorecard (BAS) accurately and honestly.

The BAS average accuracy score will be used as the baseline.

All subsequent range scores will be compared to the bas score to measure average accuracy improvement over the 24 days training period.

If, by the end of your training, you have not improved on your BAS, then you are eligible for a full refund, or you may opt  to the course again free of charge.


This Course costs less than half the price of a new driver and thousands of dollars and hours less than conventional lessons.

The Sign-Up Process

  • 1. Click 'Sign Up For SwingForm' Below
  • 2. Complete the registration form.
  • 3. Complete the payment
  • You will be enrolled in the course and you
    will receive an email with your login details.
  • Login to your dashboard and click on 'courses'
  • Click On SwingForm 3 Phase Golf Swing System
  • Start your Golf Swing Transformation

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